Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To my sons ... It's been almost three years....

Good morning my sons!
Today is a new day ... Again!

Let me share with you why I started this blog. I have been writing to you both and about you both for over ten years. I started a company for Fathers and I started a Foundation for Fathers and Grandparents. The company is Forever My Daddy LLC. The Foundation is The FMD Grand Foundation. This blog is a link and thread to both, just as it is a link to both of you. When I write, I write for you and to you. I also write to the world. Other Fathers cannot go through what we have. Grandparents cannot go through what my mother, your grandmother, and my father, your grandfather have gone through. We all have had constant road blocks between the development of our Father and sons relationship and your grandparent/grandsons relationships. As you get older, as you both develop into the men that you are becoming you will understand. I am so proud of you both. I love you ...and what is so cool - is that I know that you both love me despite the fact that the amount of time that we spend together is constantly blocked. In science, we call this parental alienation syndrome (PAL).

The book "Forever My Daddy:Denied" will be out this coming year 2011. The first Forever My Daddy Grand Foundation educational celebration is scheduled for Father's Day Weekend 2012. These projects are well under way and established. This FMD:Denied blog has it's own purpose.
To my sons I share stories with the main fictional characters named "Fish and Tobie". these stories simply help share thoughts and promote discussions for children and parents of all ages. When we get our time together we can share our thoughts. I will at times simply stop and say that I can't wait for us to be together more or that I miss you and love you both - so please pardon the interruption if this occurs. The past 10 plus years have been very difficult. I want to see you both everyday. The divorce between your mother and I unfortunately has become a thorn in the side of our developing relationship. However, guess what? You have the most determined and most resilient father you will ever know! Nothing and no one will prevent us from being the father and sons that we are ... We will spend a lot of time together. I am here for you both and will always be here for you! Yes you are now ages 13 and 14. And yes I have been fighting for our time since you were both 2 and 3 years old.
Go figure. =)

Let's get started blogging fellas!!

R&Z's dad!