Monday, November 4, 2013


Fathers Beware … if you are going through a broken marriage and making arrangements for a co-parenting plan… Beware!

If you are with an attorney who would allow you to agree to paying private schools for your children … ELIMINATE THEM FROM YOUR LEGAL TEAM!  Do not agree to anything extra during your court hearings or negotiations.  The Court is not a moral battleground.  The Court does not care about you.  Once you understand this, you are one step closer to the power of self-preservation during a broken marriage..

I speak to you with no bitterness but true reality.  I am a Father of two incredible teenage sons, who do not speak to me or acknowledge me unfortunately because of the years of brainwashing from their mother.  Of course, my story is nothing new.  Many of us fathers have been through it.  And yes some mothers have been through it.  Yes.  Can you imagine that your own children who you love have been taught to hate you?  Yes the pain is unimaginable. I don’t blame my children.  I hurt for them.  They have been victims of parental alienation.

Now get this!!  Child support is paid.  However, the Court says … “you have to pay for private school” … does this make sense?  Make sure that you do not volunteer to pay for your children’s private school.  If you do, the Court will always demand and say,  “Pay for your children’s private school.”  It does not matter that you have no say in where they go.  It does not matter the price of the school.  Just pay.  It does not matter that your children do not talk to you.  You do not matter.  Just pay, Daddy!

So how did this scenario come to be?  While going through drawbacks of a broken marriage I was focused on co-parenting…. Attempting to make rationale agreements with a former spouse.  My way of thinking was that two parents who are no longer married should be able to work together.  Two people should be able to determine if a private school or public school is best for their children.  I have no problem with either.  So many factors are involved in a parent’s decision-making process.  Are the public schools in your city an option?  Can you afford the school in your area?  Well guess what? Don’t be fooled!  The Court will not take ANY of that into consideration.  You will be held accountable and treated as a criminal if you are unable to pay or don’t pay.  So beware!

Anyway … this is the beginning of the next step of the FMD Blog!!!  Stay tuned!!