Monday, February 3, 2014

The Seahawks' Russell Wilson's Super Bowl Win "Yes! It's a personal victory for me."

If you know me, you may know that I have been a fan of the Seattle Seahawks since Russell Wilson joined the team.

Russell Wilson's demeanor caught my attention the day he was drafted.  I initially did not know what character traits made me read about him and follow his new NFL journey, until I heard him speak about his relationship with his father.  When I would hear him speak of his father I felt "chills" throughout my body.

The Father-Son relationship, he regularly highlights continues to strike me like a lightening bolt.  I have two sons, ages 16 and 17.  Russell Wilson and my youngest son look as if they could be identical twins.  Unfortunately, my sons and I do not have the Father-Sons' relationship that I have always dreamed about as a result of what is called Parental Alienation.

Parental Alienation is when a child is utterly brainwashed against the alienated parent.  The child demonstrates hate of the parent.  He or she demonstrates no guilt over cruelty towards the alienated parent and essentially wants nothing to do with the alienated parent.  Parental alienation has been my story for nearly the lifetime of my sons.

Not only does the striking physical resemblance of my youngest son to Russell Wilson, but the confident, humble, disciplined nature of Russell Wilson reminds me of the character traits that I have always attempted and wanted to instill in my sons. These character traits remind me of both of my sons.

Again, my sons and I don't have the Father-Sons relationship that I have always hoped for and that I am available for.  Russell Wilson's father is not alive physically.  However, he is clearly alive spiritually.

The Seahawks win with Russell Wilson leading the team has been a personal victory for me.  My relationship with my sons are not physically seen now, but I do believe that deep, deep inside of them they will feel the potential relationship that is right in front of them.  I am hopeful that if my sons see more educated leaders whether in sports or business highlighting the importance of their relationship with their fathers will strike a cord and they will feel our connection. 

Thank you Russell for sharing your relationship with your father.

"Dr. J"

Michael S. Joyner, MD
Author of the book, "Forever My Daddy: Denied!"


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